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    Does anyone have any feedback on the BADNAP program at OCCC beginning in June 2014?

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    I am going to be applying for that class as well, but have never even spoken to anyone that has gone through the class.
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    I am applying for the program as well. I've spoken with people who had friends/relatives go through it and say it can be tough, especially if you try to work, but it can be done. I have a friend who did the LPN to RN fast-track and she worked the whole time, but said it wasn't too bad. I'm taking nursing pharmacology this spring, because I heard it would help.
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    Anyone have any idea how many applications they have received yet for 2014 or what they received for previous years?
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    From last year's forum, it looks like 91 applications were submitted by the deadline and around 72 are
    accepted into the program. I just turned my application in today. The long wait begins!
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    Tmassey, when you turned in your application did you get a a contact name for updates on applications? Or a timeframe for when a decision is made?
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    From what I can tell from the other threads is that it takes about a month from the application deadline for acceptance emails to go out. I am enrolled in my last prerequisite this Spring and I'm taking my TEAS next week. I know it is a long shot but my GPA is decent and I hope to make at least the minimum on the TEAS.
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    Well I hope the follow the same method as last year. Good luck on your TEAS. I am confident you will do well.
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    No she didn't give a contact name. She told me I would be getting an e-mail as soon as my application was entered into the system, so maybe that will have some contact information on it?


    I took the TEAS this past weekend. It is not easy but definitely doable. I only took a few practice tests with answer explanations at the back of the book and I passed. Really brush up on basic algebra, reading comprehension, biology (especially DNA, RNA, meiosis, etc) and sentence structure. I had multiple visions I would fail throughout the test lol but I ended up passing. But yeah, just brush up on those things and take a few practice tests and you will do well! Good luck!
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    Hey everyone! I will be applying to this program as well (hopefully, if I pass the teas). I'm taking it next week.....and terrified! I bought the teas v study we shall see. Does anyone know how many applicants there are so far? Good Luck to everyone!
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