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  1. I need any advice I can get here.

    So after this semester and after retaking a class I got a random history class that I got a C in, assuming I get all A's now, I will have a 3.6(?) GPA. At that point I will have all my basic classes done (besides one extra class that a certain university might require- for example, OU will want a 3000 level class of western civilization or something). All my sciences will be done, with a 4.0 in the science portion. I've taken elementary statistics, will also have my CNA, I took medical terminology randomly as well-- I mean, I can either go for an AAS or a BSN. Since I couldn't apply for Fall 2011 at OU due to the fact that I wouldn't have the required 75% of science courses completed AND because my GPA was a 3.45, I decided not to even TRY to get into OU. Also, I don't want to wait for nursing school so I made the decision of just settling for TCCs program, cause I figure my chances of getting accepted is very high. Thing is, my goal is to get a BSN and maybe go back for a masters, so I honestly would rather not spend two years getting my associates when I can have a bachelors in the same amount of time. Anyway, I've heard a lot of negative things about TCC's program. Unfair teachers and exams, must get a 76% or above on tests or you fail and might even have to retake the level, teachers are getting fired so the program is a mess right now, ect ect. Does anyone currently attend their nursing program and can tell me any useful information or give me a view on what you think about the program?

    At this point, I'm thinking of sitting out for a year, maybe working in a hospital as a CNA while I wait around, and then I will apply for OU Tulsa for Fall of 2012. Does anyone happen to have any information on how high my chances are of being accepted is with a 3.6 cumulative GPA and 4.0 science GPA, with all classes completed. I hear that even when having like a 3.8, you might not even be accepted, but maybe that's only if all of your science classes are completed yet.

    Also, does anyone know much about Langston? I hear good and bad? How about RSU?

    Any advice on what I should do will be very helpful! I thought I had it all figured out, and now I'm unsure of what to do.

    I really appreciate it!

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