Anyone applying to Rose State's Fall 2011 Nursing program? - page 3

hi everyone, this is my first post!! :jester: just wondering if anyone else is applying to rose state this fall? i am one class away from finally being done with pre reqs, so i will be ready by... Read More

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    Does anyone know how many students get accepted each semester?

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    It varies because of the traditional, career ladder option, evening/weekend, and online. Don't quote me on this, but I *think* the lady said there were 20 accepted into traditional. I'm pretty sure OCCC admits a lot more, like 60 something each semester?
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Lol i guess i shouldve phrased the post better (was running on no sleep). I meant is there anyone applying this fall for the spring program. But congrats to those who got in! I just turned my app in today!! Amanda & jamie, i hope to see you guys this spring! Good luck
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    I hope to see y'all too!

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