Any one else waiting to be accepted to a nursing program starting fall 2010? - page 2

I'm waiting to hear from OU I haven't received anything yet and its the 16th, on their website its says we should know by the 15th. Its driving me nuts I just want to know what school Im gonna attend... Read More

  1. by   proudarmywife
    I gave my spot up.
  2. by   madjacksmom
    For those of you that got accepted into OSU-Okmulgee, do you have any information about their program? I plan on trying to get into their LPN-RN Bridge program next summer and just trying to get as many details as I can.


  3. by   proudarmywife
    I wish I could private message you, lol.
    I would look into other schools madjacksmom
  4. by   madjacksmom
    Hey proudarmywife, do you mind private messaging me? I would really like to know any information I can about the school. I'm planning on taking my last 3 science classes there so that I have more of a chance of getting accepted, so any information at all would be really appreciated.

    Thanks a lot!
  5. by   proudarmywife
    I can't =\
    I havent met the requirements to be able to private message lol.
  6. by   madjacksmom
    Oh bummer, ok, thanks
  7. by   zephyr79
    ProudArmy, I sent you a private message let me know if let's you respond or not.