2013 OU ABSN Applications

  1. I know from reading previous posts there were a few others that were applying to the OU ABSN program. I just turned my application in about two weeks ago. I'm hoping to be accepted to the Duncan program. My husband and I will be moving back to the Lawton area at the end of August. We are currently in Alaska with the military.

    I know I have been worried, especially since the website has not updated the site with the most recent student stats. I would like to know what the last batch of grades looked like compared to mine. Nothing I can do now but wait. Maybe we could all keep each other sane here =)
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  3. by   carlygh
    I just submitted my application for the Duncan absn today! Now the waiting game! I wish we knew this past cycle stats! And a timeline of when letters go out would be awesome ugh! Good luck!
  4. by   carlygh
    hey guys! the 2012 admission stats are up on the ou website! geez the science GPA was high this year and not very many were accepted! ugh.... i hate waiting! i wonder when admission letters will go out?
  5. by   BoomerSooner31
    Hey! I'm also applying! It feels like it is going to be such a long wait! I guess I need to work on patience! I agree with you though carlygh, the sci GPA has gone up a lot from the previous year. Hopefully we will all still have a good shot! Do you guys mind sharing your GPA's?
  6. by   carlygh
    Hey! Of course! My cumulative is a 3.48 my last 60 hours is about a 3.8 but my science gpa is lower than I would like at a 3.1... Freshman chemistry really screwed that up, I retook it and got a B but since they don't accept academic forgiveness that hurt... Im hoping that they will look at my other science grades that are all As and one B if you dont mind me asking What are your degrees in???
  7. by   BoomerSooner31
    Your cumulative is really great. I have a 3.75, but I know what you mean about dumb chemistry. It took my science down to a 3.25 . But looking at the new stats, I think we will still have a good shot. My degree is in Church Ministries but it's officially labeled as a Bachelor of Arts. What about you?
  8. by   carlygh
    My degree is in animal science from Oklahoma state I have a really heavy science background and I have taken organic and biochem with a b and an a so I am hoping they will look at rigor too...
  9. by   carlygh
    Anybody have any idea how long it usually takes to hear something??
  10. by   BoomerSooner31
    I emailed them the other day and they said they will make decisions for the Spring 2013 by the middle of October and send out all accepted, rejected, and wait-listed letters. For the Summer 2013 program, they will send out letters middle of November. She said to call if you haven't heard any news by late October as some letters may get lost in the mail! Good luck and let the waiting begin!!
  11. by   carlygh
    Ok great! Thanks do much for the info!!! Good luck!
  12. by   BoomerSooner31
    Does anybody know how many slots are open for the Spring 2013 program this year?
  13. by   carlygh
    i'm not sure! i know i feel like i'm literally going insane waiting! i wonder how many applied this year????
  14. by   carlygh
    I wonder how accurate the October date for letters is? I hate waiting and wondering!!! I wish October would hurry up! How's everyone else doing? Anybody hear anything new??

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