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2013 OU ABSN Applications - page 19

I know from reading previous posts there were a few others that were applying to the OU ABSN program. I just turned my application in about two weeks ago. I'm hoping to be accepted to the Duncan... Read More

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    I got waitlisted for Tulsa ABSN.
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    I'm afraid to email! I think i'll just wait. I didn't get my letter today-
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    Stay positive!
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    I applied for both absn tulsa and bsn tulsa. I checked my application status and I can only see absn tulsa. I hope this is a good sign! I am still waiting for my letter. I am so nervous now...
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    A friends husband said he heard that everyone that is an alternate gets in. Don't know if there is any truth to that, but I hope so!
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    if anyone received an acceptance letter today, please let me know. I am working until 9:00pm today. I want to know if i will have one today.
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    The way I read the letter about orientation, you could sign up for a CPR class at that time. I signed up for one early because I have a bunch of other stuff going on and wanted to make sure it fit my schedule. I can't believe we all get to meet up next week! I'm getting excited
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    Anyone check the mail yet in Tulsa?
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    no letter yet!!!! UGGGH! I am freaking out. I applied to tulsa absn
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    I got my letter today for Duncan, OKC and Tulsa ABSN as an alternate. So hopefully for everyone else letters are finally being completely sent out. Waiting so long for official status in letter form took much too long. I didn't get accepted, but at least I can move forward now that letters arrived
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    i have emailed two people in admissions and i haven't recieved a response yet.
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    I received an e-mail from OU-Tulsa campus. She told me that letters have gone out and I should see it in the mail within the next couple of days. I hope it will be today.
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    I Recieved my official acceptance letter into ABSN tulsa today in the mail!! Good luck to everyone