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Hey guys. I got into OSU-OKC's 1+1 program. Any insights or info about the program. I have two choices for the first year... Metro Tech or Moore Norman Tech. Its Moore Norman Tech's first year doing... Read More

  1. by   ciciwaken
    i believe you do. im takin it tomm night. you might be able to get into that class. maybe call metro tech in the moring. my accepted letter said we needed it. so im in it.
  2. by   ciciwaken
    that way we would be in the class together..
  3. by   katy89
    Oh good idea. What time is the class? I will call them first thing in the morning. I work tomorrow but I will call in if metro tech will take me.
  4. by   ciciwaken
    530 to 10pm only one class
  5. by   ciciwaken
    hey katy--
    any luck getting into the class tonight?

    and for jewls, after reading what you wrote im feeling very good about thw 1+1 program..
  6. by   katy89
    Yeah I will just go on the 8th I didnt want to have to call in
  7. by   ciciwaken
    well katy i have some good news for ya. they canceled tonights class. they just called me but i got into the last spot open for CPR monday. so i hope you got into that class too. im pretty sure as long as we have it by sept first we are fine.
  8. by   katy89
    Oh thats weird. Yeah mine is Monday too. See you then!
  9. by   ciciwaken
  10. by   ciciwaken
    katy89- btw my first name is Sierra, so you know who i am when they call names on monday. im so ready for school to start, if only i could get all my aid papers in. it takes forever to get things done!

    also had my TB skin test done yesterday, which it still hasnt shown up so who knows whats that about.. but the rest of my stuff is done, except for a few shots.
  11. by   katy89
    Hey Sierra, ******** called me and said I can go over their! Im sooo happy about that. So I wont me at Metro Tech with you But I'll still be their Monday night for CPR. Thank god I have all my shots and tb done.
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  12. by   ciciwaken
    Good deal and you will go back to occc after lpn school?

    ill be at osu okc but i heard a friend say occc is awesome.

    well see ya monday night then!!
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  13. by   ciciwaken
    well i have my cpr class tonight and school wendesday!! im so excited to be there! Cant wait!