it as much work as the nursing classes? - page 2

I'll be taking it next with NRSE 455 and Junior Comp with Professor P. The last 4 weeks my kids will be home for summer, so I am hoping it is not too time consuming.... Read More

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    Yes, sorry, I shouldn't imply that it's an easy 100%. The test was a lot easier after completing the study guides. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to read the chapters or go on Cengage. That is why I consider it a joke. Being an overachiever at times doesn't hurt, either, I guess. It's a relief to know that I am saving so much time from not reading all the chapters, now.
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    Does it matter what professor is teaching the class? What if I have a different professor and he tests differently? Does anyone know the answer to that????
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    I took Nutrition at Cinci State. I was way easy. It is a 15 weeker, but really easy to do with another class.

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