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Fall Leadership grade - page 2

Just curious, I still have not recieved a grade for week 5 in leadership, wondering if anyone else is waiting?... Read More

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    Quote from enuf_already
    I'm still trying to figure out how 222 points out of 222 is equal to 99.98%. It must be new math ;-)
    I know it's crazy, I ended up with a 98% thank god for 15/15 quizzes ... The blackboard phone app gives you the accurate 100% good job
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    Quote from enuf_already
    Once they gave us full credit for the quizzes the rest was doable for me. APA for the most part, has not been a problem for me. Most likely because I have been exposed to classes at a university that was very heavy on APA, but of course the 5th edition and not the sixth.

    I have also learned that no matter how you answer questions, the important piece is to justify why you arrived at this conclusion.

    Lastly, I am an anal writer. Since the rules often change, I never turn in assignments until the weekend so I can make corrections according to any new "rules" that pop up during the week. Even if my paper is finished on Monday, I would not submit until Saturday, at the earliest. I read my paper several times before submitting. I spell and grammar check it to death.

    Now, if the class was based solely on tests, I'd be in trouble. I am a horrible test taker especially with timed tests!

    Ahh, makes sense. Well until this class I got mostly 100's. My TA nitpicked little things. I made a few small mistakes here and there, but I had a very busy time block, and made a few stupid mistakes.