Comments/suggestions? 4540 (community nursing) + 4580 (leadership) -- doable? - page 3

by binglinger

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I am planning to register courses for next session. If I would like to double up 4540 (community nursing) and 4580 (leadership), is that doable? What is the workload for each of them? What is the test style for each: DB, quiz, or... Read More

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    I am taking Community Health and Leadership in nursing. Leadership in nursing is a confusing class and the instructions are as clear as mud but doing well grade wise even though the class and book is a snoozer! I enjoy the community health class but my TA sucks. I put way more hours and effort in to that class and she gives me crap grades.
    I have never done any evals to this point, just happy to do my classes and move on. I am doing evals this time!
    Good luck to anyone who has to suffer with a TA like mine, 3 Weeks into the class and I am barely passing and all I have ever gotten in any of these nursing classes is an A.