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    Got the paper done. Will proof read it one more time tomorrow, and send it in. Just have to review for the quiz and I am done, hopefully tomorrow. Looking forward to a 5 wk break before Gerentology in November.

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    Quote from ldwrn
    Same format as the last one--it wasn't horrible. Maybe a little more difficult than the last one, but for the first quiz I read the chapters more carefully beforehand, so that had something to do with my experience I'm sure.
    thanks for the heads up about the reading - I read these chapters - there is so much stuff in the chapters...I am going to prepare for this test - right before it - like I always have - a small salty snack- one of my ACLS instructors said something weird - have a SMALL salty snack - before a test - for some reason it helps you to think better - not sure about that - but I have always done it for every test - seems to have worked so far...
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    hmmm... salty snack. Interesting. I'll have to try it. But I gotta get myself motivated to get this last test done tonight. Running out of time. Looking forward to saying goodbye to Leadership. Not one of my favorite classes.
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    Any advice for this quiz? I assume it is the same number of questions as before? This is the last thing I have to do and i will be DONE! I can't wait. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    It is like the last one. Don't bother trying to study. I don't think it would help. Questions on some obscure things, some easy. Make use of your index. I used all but seven minutes of the 2 hours.
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    I am so glad to be done...almost there. I see the light ant the end of the tunnel! Anyone in 4600?! We can do this! Good luck everyone!
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    I still have stuff ungraded. When are final grades supposed to be posted?

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