4540, Who's in?!?!

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    Hello fellow RNs. Who's taking 4540 these five weeks ? Are we ready? Let's have a great and fast five weeks!!!!
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    So far Im still filling out the data tables....Im not too keen on the post one day then wait and post the next on DBposts. I am a Monday kind of gal in the sense of get it done, get it done right, get it done right now. We will see how this goes!
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    I would still doing everything on Monday to have it done then log on a post on different days. Good for you to get everything done early!!!! I wish I was more like that !!
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    I'm in too! Since I've been working all week, just now getting a start on it.
    Ugh. Hope I can get a lot done in one day.
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    Just did the post and finished the table. Need to reply to two and submit the table. I would like to have chosen a different topic however there isn't much data for the new ones 2020 posted. So mainstream it is. I could spew all day regarding facts about other topics but preventive factors and data in my area was zilch. Hopefully the kids will comply with movie time morning so I can finish completely and begin reading for week 2. *crossfingers* 3 more nursing classes....lol
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    Im in. Done with week ones assignments
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    Im in. Done with week ones assignments. Anyone know anything about next weeks test.
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    I haven't even looked at next weeks assignments. I still need to write four paragraphs on my objective then I'm done . What did everyone think of the statical project ?!?
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    Let me just say... blasted with a "What not to do" announcement this morning. Welcome to Monday! Irked. Don't quote me on this.

    I cut and pasted yet still had to fix formatting issues. I am almost afraid to post anything
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    I know!!! What is that about?!?!? Just when I thought I was getting comfortable with citing,it changes.... Now I'm back in edge. I think I have a good TA so that can make or break you ..... We can do this !!!!!