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A while ago I posted asking about the nursing program application process at Tri-C. I just wanted to update that I received acceptance into the Spring 2010 semester :D. The process was actually pretty fast. I am very excited.... Read More

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    hi mm2794,
    how cool to see other people from the area. when i first joined i searched for tri-c, but like you said there is not a whole lot of info about it here.
    what i did before i finished my pre-reqs in may was to schedule the net through ,it was a chance that i took. when my grades posted i called the nursing dept. and they just sent me the letter giving me instructions on how to register for the net. it took less than a week for the letter, but if i were you i would schedule it now if you know that you will pass whatever class you just finished. i took the net on june 28 and a week later received the results, the day after that i received the letter from tri-c with the application and i mailed it in right away. about two weeks after sending it i received official acceptance into the day program.
    did you get the study guide for the net? that helped me a lot. you should schedule the net with the testing center in westlake. hopefully i will meet you in orientation.
    good luck and keep us posted!!! i am happy to answer any questions that you have.

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    hi newstart2010,

    thanks for giving us an approximation on the time frame. with not having been accepted yet, we are "in limbo;" no one knows much about the nursing program to give us any detailed info and the nursing department does not really want to talk to us because we're not in the program yet...

    regretfully, the net exams through erieworld are full through 10/17, so i will go with and pay the extra.

    do we need anything specific for the first semester besides scrubs? i assume we'll have to do a cpr class and get our vaccinations up to date, correct?

    thanks for all the info... it is really appreciated.

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    Oh, NewStart 2010, what was your study guide? I pulled something off the internet, but did you use a book?

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    Hi SA,

    I really don't know what we need for the first semester because they haven't sent me the date/time of orientation. They did tell me that in November I will be receiving the letter of date/time and that it is mandatory. I am assuming that is when they will tell us exactly what we need.

    Wow, you are done with A&P I? That is great. I am registered for it in the fall online and also ENG 1020. I will have to take A&P II in the Spring when I start nursing school and I am thinking it is going to be very hard taking nursing classes,A&P II and Microbiology all at the same time. I wonder if I will be allowed to take Microbiology in the summer 2010.

    Good luck to you as well.


    Just got your other message. I purchased the study guide through ERI when I registered for the NET. It is called The NET Study Guide. For the math part I say practice decimals and percentages, I had a lot of that.
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    We are "in limbo" which I hate because I am a big planner! SA, I am taking A&P I and Psych 2020 in the fall - the psych I am taking online.

    I did not purchase the study guide from ERI. I have the Kaplan review book and a few others. I am not too worried about Math because I heard its pretty basic. Is that true? Is geometry covered on the NET b/c that's where I may need a brush up if it is.

    The books I have go over the reading very well and I've heard that can be tricky.

    I was able to join the ADN group on My Tri-C Space which has all the useful information about the program including uniforms, scheduling, CPR class info and more. None of it is for the Spring class yet but it still gives you an idea of what's needed.

    It took a few days to get accepted to the group but I would definitely advise joining if you haven't already. SA, it says you have to be a nursing student officially to join, but like I said they let me on - I just said I was finished with my pre-reqs and interested in more info and I was accepted.
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    SA, I don't think there are "appts" per se. I think all that happens is that you call the nursing department and press 1 which gives you a voice mail where you leave your student ID number and name. Then you just wait for the letter with information about the NET.

    I spoke to someone on the phone, who said that after leaving the voice mail the letter about the NET should come about 2 weeks later. As NewStart said hers came about a week later so I think the 2 weeks the department told me would be max?

    I am going to go ahead and schedule my NET I think. I figure if grades are posted as you said Thurs/Fri-ish and I call then, I should be reviewed by the 17th which is when I want to schedule it.

    NewStart, you can take A&P II and micro in the summer if you wanted to. On the ADN group I read somewhere in the files that all the science courses needed to be finished before the 3rd semester of Nursing Courses so you would be fine.

    My plan is to take them next summer if I am lucky enough to get accepted to the Spring!
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    Thanks! We might see each other at the ENT; I will take it at Westlake as well, as that is the closest. In the meantime, good luck to everyone for every step towards the new career!!

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    Hi Everyone,

    I just talked to a rep at ERI/ATI about the NET exam. He said that he has just received a call from Tri-C with the request to schedule another exam. After I said that I would like to take it before Oct, he said it may be scheduled at the end of Sept and said I should keep an eye on their website; it should be up within a week. So, before you go through Pearson, make sure that there is not one through ERI still available.

    Otherwise, you will have register with ERI (because Tri-C only accepts ERI exam) and they will set up with a code for Pearson. You can call ERI at (800) 292-2273 which is their sales department.

    Good Luck!

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    I just called this morning and paid the money to ERI/ATI to schedule it myself with Pearson! Thanks for the info though. I'm glad they are adding another test. Although I'm sure the people who already paid for October might be upset with an earlier test being scheduled.

    I am getting married in October so I kind of want to get the test out of the way this month, before its crunch time for the wedding and fall semester is underway.

    I just got a copy of the ERI study guide from a friend and took the practice test they offer online today. I got a 100 on the math and a 68!! on the reading. It's odd because I am a total bookworm. So I guess I have a lot of studying to do before I take the test. Although its difficult to study reading comprehension!

    Good luck with everything and thanks again for the info!
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    New Start 2010,

    I am starting the program in Spring of 2010 too! Someone on here asked you where you were taking your classes, but I couldn't find your answer to that. Are you taking day classes at Metro? That is what I am signed up for.

    I did see that you mentioned that you have A&P I online this fall - great choice. I took that this past spring online and LOVED it that way. I'm assuming that you have Lee Famiano? I have her again this fall for A&P II online, plus I have microbio this fall - started reading that book already and I'm a little nervous about that class : /

    It's great to "see" other nursing students on here - I just came across this site kinda by accident and thought that it was neat, so I just now signed up =)

    Well everyone.... Take care and rest up for those fall classes starting in just ONE SHORT WEEK ..eeekkk!!!


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