The Chirst College of Nursing class starting in January 2013

  1. I was wondering if anyone got to do the early start for the clinical part of the nursing program starting Jan. 2013. My friend and I were two of the top 18 that got to start early. We were supposed to start the clinical in August 2013 but got moved up somehow. Has this happened to anyone else? Also does anyone know where the clinical sites will be? I would love to hear any comments about the college if you are an alumni as well. Thanks!
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  3. by   Peninah7
    Hey!! First congrats to you for being accepted out of 18, that's amazing!! I'm currently in the process of trying to transfer to Christ from Cincinnati State. How long did it take to get selected if I may ask? I know you have to all pre-reqs completed and have a GPA of a certain level...right? Was it just as simple as filling out the application and starting the process of the waiting game? Or did the assure you when you'll be starting? I'm sorry for the silly questions just trying to figure out the best route to go, I love my school and what they have to offer, however the advisers cant provide a time frame for the waiting list nor when they think I'll be able to get in..but there are other options out there and the best advice would be from a student in process, ahead of me....

    Thanks in Advance, Ninah