Teas score and COTC Rn program

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    I am applying for the Rn program at COTC in the fall and I am wondering if I should retake the TEAS test. My
    GPA is a 3.6 and my TEAS scores were...overall-81 Math-85 Science-68 Reading-98 and I cant remember what my English score was. Anyone get into the program with such a low Science score?
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    I don't think your score looks bad but I'd probably try to take it one more time.

    I do think you will probably get in with that GPA and TEAS. However, there is no set criteria that will tell you in advance that you'll be selected. Usually there are around 3 applicants for every spot in the program, however they've had higher rates recently and you never know how much it will vary.

    Now that you know the test a little better your score will probably go up slightly.