STNA Skills re-test in Ohio

  1. Hey everyone,

    Well after 3 long days of waiting for my STNA results here in Ohio, I find that I passed the written 96% passed all my skills EXCEPT the Vest Restraint skill, I could not for the life of me tie a slip knot, I didn't take alot of time on this skill in class or studying because our insturctor told us that it was very unlikely that we would have that on our skills test because vest restraints are not used anymore, it is against the residents right to be free of restraints.
    SO now I have to re-do my skills test because of that one stupid skill. I passed all the others very well just didn't get the slip knot right, I was nervous and it was the first one they tested me on! My question to anyone who can help me is.... when I re-test will it be on the same skills I already had or will 4 more be randomly chosen for me to do? I find it funny that 3 girls before me also had the vest restraint skill as to anyone in Ohio who is getting ready for the STNA sure you get that skill downpat...because they will test you on that....any help in knowing if I will take the same skills or if they will be different is greatly appreciated!
    Have a great day!
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  3. by   ltriumph
    Dear bethhow,

    I think it is hand washing, and one of the skills that you missed, then three at random.