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STNA Classes Cincinnati, Northern KY Area?

  1. 1 Hi everyone! This is my first post to AN! I'm wondering if anyone knows of any Stna classes in the Cincinnati or Northern KY area? I know Cincinnati State, Diamond Oaks, and other schools like that offer them, but I'm trying to sign up for a class asap. I've only found two from Google searches, and would like to find more to compare costs. Thanks so much!
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    Great Oaks has classes starting every few weeks. Here's the link. Health Professions Academy | Great Oaks

    I think I'm going to take the STNA class in March or April!
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    Whoa. Great Oaks is ridiculously expensive! Cincy State is $89/credit hour and the class is 6 credit hours. You can take it over 2 weeks (M-F, 8-4ish) or longer. They're going to semesters this fall so I'm not sure if that would change the length of the program. Next enrollment should be in April. Check it out - it's a lot cheaper!
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    Thanks guys! But I actually took the class at RN and Associates. You can google STNA Cincinnati. It cost 540 and was a two week class.