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Stautzenberger LPN Program

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    Is there anyone attending or has attended Stautzenberger College LPN program in Maumee, OH? I recently passed the entrance exam and am thinking about starting there in January (evening program). I am looking for information about the program, the school, etc. Thanks! :spin:
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    I am too thinking about going in Jan. I meet with the admissions dept. on 11/9/09. What is the entrance exam like? I have been accepted in professional skills institute, but am on the waiting list, probably won't start until april or july.
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    Hi Dana,
    As far as the entrance exam, I got the study guide from the office at Stautzenberger and studied that cover to cover. I thought the exam was tough, but I did well on it. I think if you study their study guide you will do well. It was a big help! Good luck to you!
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    SEstrel did you start Stautzenberger in the Winter of 2009? If so how was it im thinking about it for Oct 2012 already accepted