Searching for preceptor (Columbus)

  1. 0 I'm a student at Indiana State preparing for my 2nd semester. I need to find a preceptor, or at the very least, a facility where I can do clinicals. ISU has clinical agreements with OSU Medical Center, Fairfield in Lancaster, and the hospital in Newark, but I don't know who to contact at those facilities to get started. I've left a couple voice mails at OSU (after getting transferred several times) and haven't had any luck.

    1. Is there anyone out there who has a contact who might be able to help?
    2. Anyone want to volunteer to be my preceptor? I know, we like AN because it's anonymous... but I thought I'd throw it out there.
    3. Are there any other facilities in central Ohio with BSN-prepared nurses where I might be able to do clinicals, and who I would contact to get an agreement signed? I know Children's and Mt. Carmel are out.

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