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  1. For Anyone in the Dayton area,

    I graduate with a BSN in December and moving to the area three days after graduation. I am looking to find an internship or residency. I have previous hospital experience as a CNA and I have a good GPA; however, I am wondering how difficult it is to get an internship/residency??? I have talked to a nursing recruiter at MVH and received good feedback, BUT I talked to Good Sams today and they are not offering any new grad positions or internships to any external canidates....Is this common for Dayton hospitals??? Do the hospitals offer any new grad positions without an internship/residency??? Any additional info is greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   freetofly
    Hello! I am a nurse at MVH in Dayton. I moved here from Columbus 3 years ago because I could not find a new grad job there. I can tell you that right now the hospital is hiring new grads as interns. It's a great program. Most units prefer or require new grads to come through the internship program. MVH is building a new hospital and looking to increase staff for when that opens. I think you will not have a problem getting in but I can't promise anything in this awful economy. Honestly, I do not know anything about the other hospitals in the area. Good luck to you!
  4. by   churchsgirl
    Thank you, Freetofly! I plan on applying as soon as they post the position for December grads!
  5. by   churchsgirl
    Any idea when MVH will be building another one?