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I'm looking into lpn programs in Columbus, and I'm not sure where to go or start, I was reading up on Hondros college and I like that they do the stna in the program and most places make you wait and... Read More

  1. by   HDHRN
    It may vary by campus, but I did get a schedule. Looks like on Mondays will be pharm from 9 to 1050, A and P 1 from 11 to 1215, and labs for that same class from 1 to 250 or 3 to 450. I assume they are two different labs. Tuesday is online classes for Math and English. The math is intro to algebra . Wednesday is Intro to ADN lecture from 8 to 850, then pharm from 9 to 1050, and A and P lecture from 11 to 1215. Thursday and Friday are all online class. But you may want to check with your campus. This is for the fairborn location. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
  2. by   Dabakh-lpn
    Awesome! I reality appreciate yr availability to answer my questions in the right way.
  3. by   HDHRN
    No problem. I get to sign up for classes today! July 5th needs to hurry up nd get here. I am so excited
  4. by   Dabakh-lpn
    Hello! I am accepted for this summer at Hondros in Columbus, but I am little scaried how they said the grads are, like you need to get 78 and over to pass. Also I would like to know they do their quizzes if it is weekly or not, and how the clinicals works. Thanks guys.
  5. by   carabeth87
    Hi I am going to an info session Friday at Hondros. I am just worried about going to school full time and having little ones. I went to LPN school and lived off my aid. But have heard that private schools like Hondros and Galen dont give you alot to cover your expenses. Has anyone delbt with the financial aspects of Hondros? Thanks!
  6. by   mimi davis
    I am a Second term RN student. I personally am not satisfied with this school. I believe we at the Fairborn Campus were mislead to believe they we have their accreditation as of July of 2011. When u look online its states a totally different matter. Within my first term tuition fees, unexpectedly as if they are not already high. The school does not get the OIG grant, so you will have an outstanding balance, that both your pell grants and student loans do not cover. Everyone in my class has to pay out of pocket tuition. In which they only give you two weeks of informing in of this balance. In return they gave us two weeks to come up with approxiamately 1000. I have a classmate, who is paying up to 600 a month. They have also changed the new curriculum for the incoming students which is a terrible curriculum. They will have to juggle atleast 4 classes and up to 6 classes at once. This may not be your situtation, but think twice about going to Hondros. I agree it sounds nice, you will be a RN in 18 months. But think about the curriculum, the price, and the accreditation. Yeah they say they believe they will be getting it, but they are not NLNAC....
  7. by   carabeth87
    I have heard both things good and bad. Alot of people I talk to say they even get refund money. Which isnt true of alot of private schools so for me this was a plus to have everything paid for atleast so I dont have to work too. It may be different for everyone but I am single status so maybe thats why. Out of all the schools I looked into this seemed the best deal for me. Maybe every campus is different. I am planning on attending the West Chester campus.
  8. by   Dabakh-lpn
    Thanks Carabeth23 and I wish u good luck.
  9. by   HDHRN
    I started yesterday, so far so good
  10. by   Dabakh-lpn
    Yeah same 2 me. I hope everything will b fine. GOOD LUCK!
  11. by   carabeth87
    Thanks! And congrats! I cant wait to start in January just hope its not as busy as my LPN school. And Im still a little worried about the financial aid aspect of it. Hoping I dont have a payment while in school. I dont know how I would pay it!
  12. by   Dabakh-lpn
    I would like to tell u to talk 2 yr financial advisor about to make it clear, and secure yrself. The classes r really intensive but i had transfer some credits so it's little hard than usual. So i strongly encourage, keep it up.
  13. by   carabeth87
    Thanks and yeah they dont even do your financial aid til after you apply and pay all the fees. So thats a little scary. But all the schools I have looked into r the same. But still have my heart on going there!