reviews on american insitute of alternative medicine

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    has anyone went to the american institute of alternative medicine in columbus,im still looking and i cant seem to find any reviews for there nursing program

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    I have been looking for some reviews also I am torn between this school an Hondros
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    yeah i just turned in my application fee,i mean i searched and saw a few things about it,but when i went there i like how small the school was and you were sharing the place with all these different companies and the class well the max is going there tomorrow to ask more questions,if there anything you want me to ask?
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    I went today an I got most of my questions answered I have to make a decision by tomorrow since the next test is wednesday to get in the Dec class. I was thinking about hondros until I heard about them
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    what did you ask them, maybe you ask something i forgot.yeah im really leanign towards aiam.
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    I asked if they had room in the upcoming class, what were class times, what were the clinical times, could I transfer any classes an if they had financial aid. I went online an looked them up an they have full accredidation from the Ohio board of Nursing. They first class graduates in Dec.
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    I took the test today an got 59.3 can you believe it an they are offering it again at 5 but ----- is not there so that I can see if I can take it again.
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    Which school,at hondros or aiam?
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    At aiam I have to take it again next wed
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    Why do you have to take. It again.the passing. Score is 58,are you trying to get into the. Lpn or rn

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