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Hello, I would like to know if anyone ever went to professional skills institute for their lpn course? If so how did you like it, and how much does it cost to go ... Read More

  1. by   determined2banurse
    I dont know exactly what DOELPN has against PSI, but I am a recent graduate and PSI is an excellent school. I learned so much and the instructors took time to help you understand the why! DOELPN keeps making statements about overage checks, what does a persons financial situation have to do with the school. Absolutely nothing. Some of us were so dedicated that we could not work so in turn we took out loans to help make ends meet while in school. If you pass the entrance test why should you not be allowed in. If you meet all the schools requirements I think you should be allowed the chance to succeed. DOELPN are you an actual LPN and if so what school did you end up going to, I am just curious to know? I will end with PSI is an excellent reputable school!!!!!
  2. by   aseip22
    hi, im about to graduate highschool and I planned on going to Professional Skills INstitute but I have a few questions. Do they require you to take the SAT or ACT before going there. Also do they require you to take chemistry in highschool? Please help!!
  3. by   aseip22
    whats all on the practice test?