Newly certified as STNA. Need Help!!

  1. I recently passed the STNA certification test in Ohio. I am currently looking for work, ideally in a hospital setting. From what I've been told I will gain more nursing experience this way. I am going to be applying for nursing programs once I can get a job and work for a little bit, to accumulate funds for school. I've been searching through the job postings online (in the Cleveland, Ohio area), and I came across a posting for the Regency Hospital Company, which is considered LTAC. I was wondering if anyone had any information about these facilities. I really don't want to work in long term care, but I really need to get out there are start working. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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  3. by   foreverLaur
    Just keep applying to EVERY open position you can find. I took the nurse aide course, but never took the state test and I found work in a hospital setting. You should have to show passion for the position, knowledge of the health care system, and a strong ability to learn. Keep at it! I applied to postings on a daily basis for over 6 months until I got a call back.