New to the Athens area, looking for STNA training that is close, please help!

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    I currently live in Baltimore, MD and will soon be moving to the Athens, OH area. I've tried my hardest to find STNA training, but everything I find seems to be at least 1+ hr away. Does anyone know of STNA training close to the Athens, Nelsonville, Glouster Ohio area? Any information would be helpful!

    Also, I wouldn't mind additional information on any close LPN programs.

    Thank you!


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    I used to live in that area. You can try Hocking College for both STNA and LPN/RN programs. I don't know if they offer STNA courses, but they do have a nursing program (and it's virtually impossible to get into - and they won't help you much in that area, I tried).

    I did my STNA training many many years ago at a local nursing home - they trained their own STNAs. That option may still exist. I won't name the facility here but there aren't many in the area so it shouldn't be hard to find if they still do the training.
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    thank you so much logank622! I appreciate it

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