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Does anyone know anything about the direct entry masters program at Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati? I have been accepted for the class of May 2010 but have not seen any recent threads on here about this school. If anyone knows... Read More

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    Hello babyrowe,

    I am also applying for May/August of 2013. I was wondering if you have heard back from MSJ yet? All contents of my application were completed on June 21 and I have yet to receive anything other than a letter providing my login and password to check my application status. My situation seems very similar to yours. I also only have three prerequisites to take and also had a very positive experience with the academic advisor. I am very eager to find out about the interview, but cannot find any information about how long I should expect to wait.

    Thanks so much!

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    Hi dearchicago,

    I had my interview with msj this morning. I'm on pins and needles until I hear back. They said it'd be 1-2 weeks!

    I applied online on June 3rd, I had an advising appointmnet on June 8th, I submitted my essay on June 11th, and I had my interview today, July 3rd. It went really fast.

    If God-willing I get in, I'm shooting for the August 2013 class because there's only one condensed semester. With the May class, there are two condensed semesters and I don't want to do that to myself and risk getting dismissed from the program.

    Did you sumit your essay? I think all you can is keep checking on your app status. I read a book on getting into pa school and it said applicants should not call and request an interview. If anyone thinks differently let me know.

    Good luck! I hope we both get in!!
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    i got my acceptance letter to msj yesterday!!! I start August 2013. I was so happy I cried.

    But I'm nervous about doing well on my prereq's.

    Did you hear anything yet?
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    I applied to the MAGELIN program at MSJ and am still not sure of the degree they are offering. They say that it is a Masters program but you will get an RN after you write the NCLEX. So my question is, after the program do you still go on to get a MSN from graduate school or what and what is your place in the nursing community
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    How I understand it, is that you'll graduate with a entry-level master's degree in nursing and you'll be a registered nurse. If I want to be a nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist, then I'll have to taking additional classes. But there are a lot of NP and CNS programs online from schools across the country. I talked to a nurse about that and they said that it's normal to have to get an advanced master's degree to become an NP or CNS.

    I think the MSJ program is great for people who have a non-nursing B.A. I'll get my MSN in a shorter period of time than I would a BSN. There are other programs, like UC, where you can become an NP but it takes longer. I need to get into the workforce faster.

    Good luck. Let me know how your application process goes.
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    Congratulation Babyrowe! I am very happy for you.

    I actually have an interview scheduled for July 18th. I think I will probably also want to start in August of next year just so I have more time to make as much money as possible before starting the program. So, I have a few other questions for you if you don't mind answering. First of all, do you have any suggestions for the interview? I have been preparing since I got the call last Tuesday, but would love to hear your thoughts on the interview process as well. Also, what prerequisites will you be taking? I will be re-taking anatomy and physiology (it's been over 5 years since I took it before), microbiology, and I am going to try to test out of nutrition. I am not sure if you are from the Cincinnati are or not, but have you decided where you are going to take your prereqs?

    Of course this is all contingent on whether or not I get into the program, but I thought I would ask anyway. Thanks for all of your help!
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    so sorry i got your message late. how did your interview go? you should hear something soon. I found out 2-3 days after the interview. I bought a suit, learned about the program, and did research on the types of questions they might ask me and I practiced what I'd say. I was so nervous.

    Good luck!!
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    Hey everyone. I just completed the first semester of the MAGELIN program - I started in May of 2012. I can answer any questions you might have. Just to clarify on the degree - they changed this right as we were beginning. You will receive an MSN, however, it is an entry-to-practice MSN, which means that you will, upon passing boards, be an RN who would be what you would associate with a 'floor nurse.' The benefits of receiving the MSN include you are getting a graduate-level degree; in some places this may mean slightly higher pay, but don't plan on it. Additionally, you can advance quicker to becoming a charge nurse or nurse manager (some have become charge nurse in less than a year which is really amazing). And finally, should you decide to go back to get an advanced-practicing MSN, such as an NP, you may get a class or two waived.

    As far as the difficulty of the program, it is tough. We had two sections in our group and between about 45 people, I think 7 were dismissed because of grades. You cannot go onto clinical if you do not receive a 75% or higher in all of your classes. If you receive below an 80 in what is called a 'tier 1' class, you are put on academic probation. Another C in the program gets you dismissed. It is really stressful but so far really great. From what I hear, now that I've gotten through the first semester, things will get easier. If you are scheduled to start in May - you will have a rough semester because it is shortened. There will be weeks where you have an exam in almost every class! I am not trying to scare you away because it is absolutely a do-able program. I am just giving you a heads up because I wasn't entirely prepared for the amount and intensity of the work.

    If you have any questions, let me know. I can tell you one AWESOME feature is the amount of breaks! We started at the end of May in 2012, got a week break off for July 4th. Took exams the last week of July. Had our first clinical the first two weeks of August. And we just started a two week break before fall semester starts. Then we get a few days off for Thanksgiving, a MONTH for Christmas holiday, a week for spring break, a small break for Easter and I believe a week between spring and summer term. Then we have six weeks of class, six weeks of preceptorship *with the July 4th break in there* and then we are finished in August of 2013!
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    I'm so glad I found this site! I'm starting the program in just a few weeks. As soon as I saw the amount of required books I started to get nervous. Is it realistic to work while in this program? So far I have committed to working about 13 hours a week, but after reading this I'm thinking I will need to cut back even more.

    What class is the hardest the first semester? Is there a lot of paper writing to be done?
    So much time and money has been spent to get to this point, failure isn't an option.

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    So do you think the MSN degree that the MAGELIN program is offering is legit? I'm starting in August 2013. They told me that the May class was shortened, that's why I chose to be in the August class. I'm really, really nervous to start. I cannot be dismissed from the program. Failure is not an option for me either. I do plan on becoming an NP. How much more schooling would I need go from MSN to NP?

    Would you recommend buying the books a semester in advance to prepare for the program? Do you think they'd let me sit in on a class just to see what they are like?? I've been hesitant to ask them. I don't want to be thrown to the wolves next year.

    Congrats on getting accepted and surviving the first semester! Please keep us posted as you progress through the program. Your insight and recommendations are VERY useful!

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