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Mount Carmel College of Nursing - Admission Decisions

  1. 0 Does anyone know when admissions decisions are typically made for MCCN?

    I have been accepted to a program that will start on August 20, but am very seriously considering applying to MCCN, but am curious when I would know if I am accepted. Do any past students have any insight on this?

    Furthermore, can anyone speak to how competitive MCCN is (Average GPA? How many applicants, etc.)

    Thanks so kindly in advance!
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    I wish you much luck in your success. I will be attending mt. Carmel open house tomorrow. I've been thinking about going there myself. You should try going to an open house yourself as well.
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    Hi Celena.
    I actually reside in TN so it isn't the easiest thing for me to just pop up for the open house. I am considering however for the April 11 session. I have been accepted to a program down here in Nashville, but am from Ohio and have considered going back.
    If you attend and are up for it feel free to post any information you learned, I would certainly appreciate it.
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    the open house went well. the staff gave a presentation of the college. she talked about the cost, courses,etc. the ppl that took us to tour the school were student ambassadors. this was very good b/c they were students already so I got to ask questions. the staff & students were very nice & so was the school. after going to the open house yesterday I am convinced that Mt. Carmel is the right choice. please attend the open house next month, its worth it! I was so excited when I left...I cannot wait to start! I will start the application process this week b/c the deadline for fall semester is April 1st. I asked the student that toured us about the professors & their opinion about the school so far. the good thing about the school is that you don't have to take no entrance exam to get in the program. once you get accepted you are automatically in the nursing program. there's no wait! if you work for Mt. Carmel Hospital you get a 25% tuition discount if you're a freshman & sophomore & a 50% tuition discount for juniors & seniors. all your your clinical are done at the hospital which is good. its a private college & pricey but its worth it. its not as much pricey as the other schools. from what the student told me the teachers are very dedicated & they make sure you know what your doing. are you starting this fall or next spring? I hope I gave you some good feedback... =)
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    Thanks a lot Celena!!!! I really appreciate it
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    If you work at OSU tuition is covered at 100% for any class. :-)
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    Hi again! Just found your post while searching for info on the interview to get into the SDAP program. I am not sure which program you are applying for but I received an email yesterday letting me know that they would be mailing out acceptance letters in July for the SDAP program.

    Regarding the wait list for the SDAP program, last year according to another feed there were 30 people wait listed. I am waiting to hear back whether or not #15 and #8 actually got in but their post sounded promising. Some people who are accepted cannot afford the cost or have not completed the pre-reqs in time.

    A cannot speak to the traditional under-grad program. Good luck and let me know if you find out anything about the interview for the SDAP program. Thanks!
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    Thanks MissPickle.

    I am applying to the SDAP. I did finally call and was told admissions decisions were in July, but thanks!
    Does this mean you found the OH nursing programs board? Or do you still need help finding it?
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    Someone moved the post for me to the Ohio Nursing board so I was able to find it. Thanks :-) and good luck!