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The nursing program looking rather short. Has anyone attended this school? Is it good, bad, okay??... Read More

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    I believe we should hear something in mid-february....I know the deadline for applications is somewhere around Jan. 17th give or take a few days. Good Luck, and keep me posted!

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    I defintely will! I hope you get in
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    Where in Michigan? I just applied today, the advisor I talked to said they extended the date to apply and that we should for sure know by March 15th. If I get accepted, I will be coming from Garden City. Does anyone know what is the lowest GPA that could get accepted?
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    Not sure what the lowest GPA has been for previous applicants, I've heard 3.5. I live south of Detroit, about 45 minutes from Toledo. Good Luck to you!
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    Thanks! Good luck to you as well!
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    I wish you all the best of luck getting into this college! It is an AMAZING Nursing School that is very well respected in the community for teaching outstanding nurses!
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    Hillbilly RN did you graduate from there? Can you tell us a bit about your experience with the RN program?
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    Hillibilly RN, I've got the same question as Addison Lawrence03; Did you graduate from Mercy? What were your major challenges? Any good advice to give us POTENTIAL nursing students of Mercy? Thanks ahead for your advice!
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    I graduated from Mercy in 09. Its a great school. My major issues was skills lab. Learning the nursing skills and doing check offs. I tried to study at home and you really need to practice in the lab for hands on experience. But, once you get the hang of it, it"ll be fine. Get a study group going. We used to meet in one of the classroom a couple of hours before an exam and study together, it made it fun. Mercy is a small school so you'll get know your classmates real well. My class was a close group! Any other questions,ask away!
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    I second the skills lab! There's no way to really study some things at home and knowing the procedure doesn't necessarily mean you now how to do the skill (or pass the checkoff!). My advice is to take it seriously right from the beginning. It's easy to get behind and with the lowest passing grade being an 80% it's very easy to end up in a hole you can't crawl out of. My class started w/ 52 and we're down to 20. A few of those we lost transferred to a different program but the majority were people that failed.

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