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The nursing program looking rather short. Has anyone attended this school? Is it good, bad, okay??... Read More

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    Too bad no one has responded. Have you applied to Mercy? Or are you attending their nursing program now?

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    Yeah I applied to this school. I'm wondering what happened to everybody??
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    AddisonLawrence03, not sure where everyone has went. Did you apply to be accepted in the the ADN for the Fall 2011? And what state do you live in? I'm from Michigan, and I applied for the ADN for fall 2011!
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    Yes, I did apply for Fall 2011. And i am so nervous I hope I get in. I have all of my prerequisites done. There is nothing else for me to take. I have heard that there may be a waiting list now since Owens lost their accrediation so more applicants now. so this has gotten me worried, and I've been losing sleep over this at times. I want to get in so badly and be a nurse
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    Just sent you a private message!
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    hey I havent received your PM yet..I sent you one though!
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    I didn't get your message! So I tried something different! Hopefully you get this last one I've sent! Let me know! I wonder where the messages went?!?
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    I hope you all made it last semester! Where are you??
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    Maybe we are the only one's applying to Mercy college, sure to get in...hahaha...I know they have a cut off for apps any day now.....and then the wait begins...I was told we should hear something in February. You are the person who has also applied to Mercy of Northwest Ohio....right?
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    Yes I applied here. I've been patiently waiting to see if I got accepted

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