LPN Program Lorain County Community College

  1. 0 So, the nursing ADN program has a long waitlist, but so is the LPN. The ADN is about 2 years, does anyone know as far as LPN goes?
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    Moved to the Ohio State Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
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    I am not sure how long the wait is for the LPN program, but if you are willing to look into Tri-C, they have a campus in Westlake. I know that the waiting list is much shorter there. Just something to think about if you are going to be waiting for so long. Current placement for the LPN program as listed on the Tri-C website is Fall 2013. I believe that the next placement for the RN program for Westshore campus (the campus in Westlake) would be for the Spring of 2014. Just an estimate, but you can always contact the school to see and there are people that may not start, so places may become available at any point before the semester starts. Hope this gives you a little bit of extra info!
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    I submitted my package in Aug before fall semester and I got a letter last wk saying I was selected as an alternate candidate , so if someone declines the offer I'm in (which does happen a lot), not bad for 6 months. And my GPA is not that high , but I do have all support courses done
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    9 months ago I heard it was not so bad
    there are fewer lpns waiting to transition to rn then off the street rns
    may be a semester or 2 go talk to counselor they dont call it a "wait list" but its a wait list
    It was not too bad 9 months ago. A semiister or so stay acitive on the list keep your priority up

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