LPN jobs in Cincinnati ?

  1. I want to work at a good nursing home. A place where I would love to work. Are any places like that still around? I'm on the way to furthering my education and if I could I would like to stay at one place through out my career. If anybody can help I would appreciate it.
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  3. by   floater2014
    Go to faith based facility luthern catholic methodist
    go small i loved welcome nursing home in oberin ohio
    go where people stay drive the parking lot look at the cars see how they are paid
    dont be impressed by the look when you go in the door
    peek at the back room to see if there is supplies
    ask to see the medcart
    come during 9pm med pass see how they scramble
    are the sharps containers flowing over
    are the nurses scrambling to keep up
    do you feel negativity when you walk in the door
    do they treat you like you are just another who will come then go soon
    ask the family leaving what they think of this place
    find out the nurse aid to pt ratio
    make sure orientation is formalized and comprehensive
    make sure there is no scheducling problem
    or an unadressed call off problem
    these are brutal when you have to do your load and half another nurses load because she called off
    think twice if its a corporation
    does it smell like urine?

    Ask what pca make
    ask what starting lpns make
    starting rn s