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Cleveland Clinic is hosting a 3 day job fair for RNs at the Cleveland Browns Stadium at the end of the month. They will be interviewing and hiring on the spot in some cases.... Read More

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    I was at the stadium @0830am on 3-28-12 (1st day) & left after 6pm. Many people walked in vs. preregistering and this delayed the interview wait times - along with a glitch in the messaging process. During this time, plenty of food and beverages were available. After an interview, there was plenty of seating available and other candidates were very friendly and supportive. The CCF staff were excited and upbeat despite the delays and being on their feet most of the day. Exiting the elevator to the the last phase which consisted of the physical exam, I was congratulated by CCF & Browns stadium employees for securing a position. As a relatively new grad, I am very pleased to say I went home with a job & will begin orientation on 4-16-12. Well done, CCF!

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    i had wanted to attend this huge job fair last year but didn't have my ohio license at the time. i am happy to say that one year later i finally got a job at the cleveland clinic!

    but now i have a few questions for those of you who work there about orientation and the PBDS exam, as well at the METI edose math exam.

    i'm starting my orientation soon and i would really appreciate some feedback! how hard did you find the tests? any tips on what to study?

    for the PBDS i am studying the main med/surg emergencies and their interventions.

    for the drug calculation test i'm using a reference guide and doing practice questions, but this exam worries me the most as i have to get 90%. any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    lastly, i was told we get the chance to retest again for these exams, do you know if many people do not pass the first time? and how soon would you be retested?

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    The PBDS isn't a pass or fail exam. I was told that nurses only score 65% nationally. They use the test to assess your strengths and weaknesses to customize your orientation.

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