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Hello, I applied for Kent State University's Accelerated BSN program, Spring 2013 corhort. My intentions with this post is to start a dialog with others who have also applied for the ABSN Spring 2013 cohort at KSU, if this is you... Read More

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    I have no idea how many people applied or got interviews but love to know. I live on the west side of Stark County. Less than an hour drive to Kent.

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    I scheduled my interview for October 5th! Are you applying to do the combined option?
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    My interview is also on the 5th. I really don't know much about how the combined program works with the ABSN but definitely would like to earn some graduate credit.
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    Hi everyone! I too got granted an interview and I interview on October 8th. Has anyone been through their interviews yet? I'm nervous as heck as well. It's been a long road to this interview....
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    ahhh i was so nervous for my interview I hope I didn't blow it!!! We find out Wednesday eek! How did everyone else's go?
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    I felt like mine went very well, but then again I am not the one scoring it. I am certainly hoping that they would agree.

    When I received the e-mail for the interview I was extremely hesitant to open it because I was very afraid of seeing the words "we regret to inform you" or something to that effect. Now I can only imagine how terrified I will be to open the next e-mail when it comes next week. I know one thing for sure, it will definitely be an emotional moment either way, just hope it is one of joy.

    Good luck to all and I hope to see us sitting in the same classroom come January.
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    Do you think we might find out today? I am going crazy not knowing! Everyone should post on here when they hear back! Best luck to everyone!
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    I don't know if we will find out today or not. I was told maybe Tuesday but most likely Wednesday. I know the waiting is hard and it has been a long road, but we will know very soon. I am just trying to keep busy on my current school work and assuming the mindset that I will not get accepted. That way if I don't, I will hopefully not be too crushed and if I do, of course I will be super excited. Well that is how I am dealing with the wait anyhow. Your idea of posting here when we hear back sounds good.

    Good luck to us all!
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    I was accepted! I already sent my letter of intent back. I am super excited! Has anyone else heard back?
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    Me too! Congratulations!Guess we are going to have to put up with each other for 15 months.

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