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  1. 0 Any recent Hondros students have any experience with the ripoff they call a "technology package"? Basically a $400-$500 Dell laptop and a $50 printer that they try to push on you during orientation for roughly $1000, whether your financial aid has come through or not. Mine hasn't (and first day was today), and when I spoke to the admin about it this afternoon they told me it is a mandatory item, like books, and that I'm expected to cover it with a student loan (when I told them up front I have no intention of taking one out) or finance it myself. Um, no. I bought a MacBook Pro three months ago that works perfectly and I have a great printer so I have no need for their stuff. Any advice on how to approach this and if they can actually force students to buy it? I plan to continue to refuse to sign for it until this is resolved and really, are they going to disenroll me if I continue to refuse?
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    Get confirmation in writing/email on the dates for withdrawing with full refund, and the date they will drop you if you don't pay it. If they are going to drop students for it, I would bet it will be too late for a full refund. If so, just leave now. This place blows, just read the other threads about Hondro$.

    When I was here, no one paid the fee. It wouldn't surprise me if they insist however, they have a lot of new campus construction to pay for, and --------- Hondro$ probably needs to buy a new horse for her grandkids or something.
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