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I am actively looking into Nursing Schools in the Cincinnati Area. I am starting the application process at Hondros and was wondering if anyone had any feedback about their program, good, bad or... Read More

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    Fortis in springboro is accredited I think... I just check the NLNAC website now. I'd suggest the same to anyone, forget checking the Approved schools, bc it means nothing if they never get the accreditation. No not yet, I'm still hoping for a miracle at the hospitals, but if not I have some other options in some ltc facilities, but those are part time.

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    hi everyone im starting @ cleveland campus for lpn any advice??????
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    I'd advise you to do some research, if you are already working in the field be sure that the lack of NLN accreditation won't hinder you in any way. If it will, choose a different school.
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    To anyone considering attending the West Chester campus please read my below experiences.
    I want to make it clear I will be finishing my LPN as I am half way done, but I will not be remaining for my RN. I will seek that elsewhere. I can not compare this to any other LPN program in the Cininnati area, but I am comparing it to my previous experience with a similar LPN training program in Northern Ohio.

    I transferred to Hondros College of Nursing this spring, my family had to move to Cincinnati in the middle of my LPN training. Unfortunately I was unable to transfer any credit, however, I researched and found this is usually the case when you aren't attending a regular 'community' college. This isn't my gripe, just a heads up.

    My gripe is, my previous school was NICE. It was organized, my instructors were all very knowledgeable, excellent instructors. We did a lot of hands on training, and the clinicals were very well thought out. I am now about half way through Hondros LPN program and, in comparision, it is a joke. I don't think anyone here is a very experienced teacher. Just because you are a nurse, that doesn't make you a great teacher. Additionally, I don't feel we get near as much hands on training as we should (shouldn't you be thoroughly trained on how to do your job?), 'just sayin'. Organized? Well, yes the campus is nice, the location is nice, but that doesn't mean the office is. Filing financial aid, and getting transcripts was a breeze at my old school. Here, it was a nightmare. I was waiting for someone to tell me their dog ate my financial aid application. Seriously, a nightmare.
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    i am starting Chirst in January and i am super excited. I looked into Hondros and then talked to my nurse manager at Sycamore Hospital in Dayton where i work now. She informed me that they will NOT hire from Hondros or Galen. I would check into where you want to work after you graduate and make sure they will hire you if you go there. I also heard they are losing their accrediation for their Nursing program. Hope this helps a little
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    The place is awful, dont go. Im a graduate of the school and have made it my goal to inform all potential nursing students to not go to this school.
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