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    I appiled my resume on Cleveland Clinic website, now I meet some problems. I sent 5 applications . and I can't apply more positions on CC. What's wrong with it? Somebody can help me?

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    Cleveland Clinic will only permit you to apply for a certain number of jobs, I thought it was 3, but it may be 5. Unfortunately you'll have to receive a rejection notice before you'll be able to apply for any more jobs.
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    thank you very much, shuggypie. now i have to wait. boring
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    Hi, shuggypie,I got a phone interview today. I saw some nurses said CC phone interview takes 30 min, but mine was only 10 min. I was asked some general question. I wonder it's going. How many interviews will take in CC , thanks a lot!!!
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    Hi Ada1975,
    Congrats! on your phone interview. Don't worry that it didn't take 30 minutes, I had 2 phone interviews with 2 different nurse recruiters and neither took 30 minutes.
    Next you'll either get a "we selected another candidate" email or you'll get a call to setup a face-to-face interview with the nurse manager for that unit.
    Also, sign in to career opportunities to see if the status changed on any of the jobs you applied for. If any have changed to "we selected someone else" you can apply for other jobs.
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    Hi, I failed the phone interview,.I came from China , and have no nursing experience here. .I heard CC has intership program, is it really?How can I get that chance? Hope the intership program can help me find out a job.Thanks.

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