Help!!!anyone applied to Kent state Adult NP for 2011 spring??

  1. I got an interview in August and still did not get any news. I called several times and always was told that they haven't made final decision. I can't check my online status because i was supposed to apply to 2010 summer semester. But after i waited for two months, the advisor told me they usually do not have many spots for summer semesters and they asked me to change my application to 2011 spring.

    I am so frustrated now that i can't focus on my GRE study. And I found students can register spring's courses and some of the courses have been closed. I know i should move on, but why wouldn't they tell me directly and still tell me they haven't made final decision?I really do not get it. This is the only one i applied for 2011 spring. sigh!!!!

    Anyone applied to Kent state? Could you please tell me what news you received from kent state? Thank you very much in advance.
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