1. 0 Hey Everyone,

    I hope everyones night is going well. I am wanting to know how the job market is right now in the Cincinnati, Ohio area is for CNAs? Currently I am living in Michigan with the hopes of getting accepted into Good Samaritan College of Nursing for either the Aug 2012 or Jan 2013 classes.

    I was concidering just commuting down for the days I have class then coming back home but with the school being a little over 4hours away I may as well just move down while I am in school there. I know I am probably jumping the gun right now but I like planning things out before they actually happen. IF I get accepted into Good Samaritan I was wanting to work part time as a CNA whild still in school. IF I am accepted to start Aug 2012 I will already have 8 months experiance if I get accepted for Jan 2013 I will have about a years worth experiance. So I was just wondering again what the job market was like down there for CNAs and what the chances are for someone to get hired on somewhere with 8 months to a years worth of experiance?

    Thank you for advice.
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