Cleveland Clinic New Grad Rn one on one interview questions?

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    I have a two one on one interview with Cleveland Clinic next week, and I was wondering what kind of questions are asked during the interview, what is the process like, and is there any tips that can be given? I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thank you!

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    A friend got hired a couple of months ago in the Cleveland Clinic.

    Basic questions are asked... a way to test your personality and assessment skills. After the initial interview, the nurse manager will either submit you for hire. It goes pretty fast if you are hired. They'll do a physical using the isokinetic physical which measures your muscles.
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    Thank you for responding. Do you happen to know examples of questions your friend was asked?
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    My interview was very standard. Nothing out of the ordinary. It was much easier than the phone interview.
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    Thank you for responding! I walked away from my phone interview terrified! What kind of floor were you interviewing for? Do you happen to remember the questions asked?
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    RNJessB, why were you terrified walking away from the phone interview?? I have an initial phone interview tomorrow with a recruiter and am concerned. Thank you in advance.
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    It's nothing bad I just wasn't use to the questions they asked. As it was behavioral based. So, I answered them to the best of my ability and I guess they liked my answers or I wouldn't of moved to the next stage of the interview process.
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    Okay, that makes sense, thank you. I have heard a mixture of it being typical interview questions and behavioral based. Is there any other general advice or tips you could give? Do they ask you to rank units at the end of the interview? Congrats on getting a two on one interview, that's really wonderful. Wishing you lots of luck
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    The phone interview I had was behavioral based but I can't speak for anyone else. It was ran very well though. She did ask me what type of hours and nursing specialties I would like. I would just recommend being yourself and answer the questions to the best of your ability. I would also prepare before hand. Like I researched online common nursing interview questions and I then typed up my responses to have as a reference if needed. I hope that works Good Luck!
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    hi, how did your phone interview go? sorry i never replied with more tips, but as you can probably tell now there aren't a lot of great tips to give other than just doing your best, and then waiting to hear back from a unit manager for your second interview. also, don't be discouraged if it takes a while to hear back about a second interview, your application is now in their 'new grad' pool and it's only a matter of time before there will be an opening for you to fill!

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