Cleveland Clinic New Grad Rn one on one interview questions? - page 3

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Hi, I have a two one on one interview with Cleveland Clinic next week, and I was wondering what kind of questions are asked during the interview, what is the process like, and is there any tips that can be given? I would... Read More

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    I was just recently hired in the MICU at Cleveland Clinic. I just took my physical capability test today, but am wondering if you also had to take a Basic ECG Test, Medication Math Test, and PBDS assessment.

    I realize you posted this a year ago, but was wondering if you could give me on some insight on these tests if you had to take them as well. I want to do my very best!

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    Hi blizzard281 Congrats!! how was the whole experience for you?? I applied a couple of days ago and scheduled initial interview with a recruiter in a week
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    Congrats blizzard281!! I was curious, did you have your senior preceptorship on the ICU? I had my phone interview over a month ago which went great because I was placed in the "pool", and was wondering if it was normal to wait this long for a nurse manager to call. I wanted to apply for any cardiac floor including telemetry and CVICU, but the recruiter I interviewed with told me it was highly competitive and internal candidates were hired/looked at first. TIA for any insights!! Good luck everyone!!