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Hi! I'm looking into becoming an stna and i was wondering where i could take the class at that was cheap? I live in lorain county and I have checked all the surrounding jvs and community colleges and it seems everywhere the... Read More

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    Im in Cinci. I went to my class at a place called Grant Vocational School. The class with books included was 400 about a year ago. Good luck. I actually take my test in 2 days and the place Im working for is paying for it. Good luck!

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    I am also looking for cheap stna classes i live in fairfield county if anyone knows anything please let me know asap
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    If you attend a CC, you can always get financial aid to cover the cost!
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    I know its kind of late, so you may already be in classes or even done already, but the American Red Cross of Greater Cleveland offers classes starting every month... and they pay for your first attempt at the state test...and they have killer financial aide.... and they have a job fair on your graduation day...
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