Chamberlain Online LPN to RN Bridge Program

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    I am wondering if anyone has any input on Chamberlain's online LPN to RN bridge program. Or if anyone knows of another program that is reputable.


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    I am meeting with an admissions advisor next week to review my unofficial transcripts prior to actually applying. I want to see how many of my credits will transfer while still considering other colleges. I don't have any info for you regarding the program, however after looking at the course work, it doesn't look too bad.
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    I am applying to the RIO GRANDE online LPN to RN you only have to go down there for clinicals
    they are much less expensive
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    My co-woker just began the Rio Grande program last week. Her coursework is completed online and her exams are being taken at an alternate location (I believe she has 3 location options). She will begin her clinicals next semester, I am not sure of where they will be, but it's only one day a week.
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    I just got accepted into the Rio grande program!! Has anyone taken the online program?? any suggestions?? tips??
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    Nurse brown05, how does your co-worker like Rio Grande? Where does she live? I'm in the Dayton area and am guessing will have to travel about 2 hours to and from a clinical location if I can get one an hour outside of Rio Grande. That's a long drive, but could maybe handle it one day a week. I am currently looking into Rio Grande and Excelsior College. I want something that is more doable than Sinclair or Kettering's program. I have family and will have to work at least part-time. Thanks.
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    Avoid Chamberlain. Not anywhere near worth the $$. There are cheaper options.
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    I've just applied for Rio online too. Who else is starting this program ? Let's talk ! What do you know about this how often do you have to go in for a proctored test ? Do you know anyone who has completed the online program ?
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    does anyone know how chamberlains bsn would look (rn-bsn) if applied for a crna program after?
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    i would avoid chamberlain (at least in ohio - duno anything about the programs in the other states). most rn-bsn programs are not entirely online and chamberlain is the only one i have seen that doesn't require ANY attendance or clinicals. a program that stands out by requiring LESS always sends up a red flag to me.

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