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  1. hey everyone, i'm new to this forum and had some questions regarding columbus campus, chamberlain. and im talking about the columbus campus pursing my adn on campus! (not online)

    does anyone go here? or graduated from here?

    i just had an interview with one of the admissions people today and it seemed pretty awesome, im really considering going here but would like to hear of some experiences from people that have went there first.

    any input would be great.

    thanks for any replies!
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  3. by   foreverLaur
    It's a for-profit extremely expensive school. The biggest problem is they have to compete with OSU, Otterbein, Capital, and CSCC for clinical spots and I know those 4 schools have a better reputation with area hospitals. I know two people that graduated from Chamberlain. One did the campus based ADN program and could only find a job in LTC so she's pursuing her BSN. The other did the BSN program and couldn't find a job in Columbus so she drives to Lancaster to work in the hospital there. If you can go to one of the other 4 schools I listed... you'll get better clinical spots, graduate from a school with a better reputation, and have much less debt. Also keep in mind that OSU and Children's are only hiring BSN grads or ADN grads currently enrolled in a RN-BSN program. I'm sure other area hospitals will soon be following this trend as Magnet is basically requiring a BSN now for status. It might not hurt to spend the extra year at Chamberlain to get your BSN. I'm less than 9 months away from my ADN and I'm worried I won't get a job already because I don't have a BSN and I have a few big "ins" at local hospitals.
  4. by   Ohionurse2011
    Chamberlain is extremely expensive and for-profit but it is not a bad school. It is making a nice impression on the area from my experience. I graduated from there and received a great education and now have my dream job. My clinicals were at osu east, doctors west, children's, grant, Chillicothe va, and riverside. I never had a weekend clinical. But there were weekend clinicals available. The online students filled those up. You can put in advance a request for when you need and they do try to accommodate. If you don't get what you want you have a brief opportunity to trade with classmates. Not the best setup as far as scheduling but the clinical sites are great and all of the clinical instructors I had were great teachers. It's true that it's hard to get a job in Columbus and that an adn does close doors vs a bsn. But getting a job in this current market isn't about what school you went to. It's about networking your way into an available position. Several people from chamberlain have made it into the ohiohealth critical care fellowship, osu internships, and hired into hospital floors. I've been told the same thing that osu is only taking bsn. But mt carmel and ohio health hires adn. If you do go to chamberlain on campus is the way to go. The courses are accelerated and hard but when you get through you will have learned a lot. Online is like a completely different school because you basically have to motivate and teach yourself everything. The online students didnt seem like they really liked that. But I'm not a fan of online school so I may be biased.