Central School for Practical Nursing?

  1. I am trying to go back to school for LPN. I recently passed the entrance exam for Central school for practical nursing and am now in the process of applying to the school. I have also been looking into some other schools in the area like Bryant and Stratton, ATS, Willoughby Tech, and Fortis college. Right now my school of choice is CSPN. Has anyone attended any of these schools or have any feedback about the kind of education they received? Has anyone attended CSPN? Any recommendations or advice? I eventually want to get my RN but decided to go the LPN route first so that I could work while going to school for my Rn. Does anyone have any feedback about any LPN to Rn programs in Cleveland?
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  3. by   DaneluvinLPN
    Sure have . I am a Central grad and trust me when I tell you that if you are looking for easy Central is not the place. But if you are looking for a fantastic education then the only school you want is Central. I will soon be seeking my RN but will always be forever grateful for my days at Central. You will to I guarantee. Oh and just a hint. There will be 2 instructors that in the begining will scare the ever livin out of you but in the end you will count as your favorites. I still hear thier words in my head and they are with me with me thru ever patient. They have no idea the impact they had but I do lol. Good luck. Metro was my fav clinical rotation, I'm sure you'll love it to.
  4. by   jennynanny
    Thanks so much fo the feedback! I am not looking for easy but going back to school is a huge commitment and I want to make sure I do things right! I just want to make sure I get the best education for my money! I have looked into many LPN programs in the area but read mixed reviews about all of them. Central is my first choice and I go for the information meeting on the 8th. I did well on the entrance exam so hopefully I will get in and start in October. I also plan to go for my RN but chose to go the LPN route first. It's great to get feedback from a former student.