Capital University accelerated BSN program Fall 2011

  1. I got accepted to the accelerated BSN program at Capital University for fall 2011. Anyone else? Looking to meet my future classmates or any advice on what to study before school begins. Thanks!!
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  3. by   NursinginOh
    i got accepted to the accelerated [color=#ae04e8]bsn program at capital university in bexley (columbus), ohio for fall 2011. anyone else? looking to meet my future classmates or any advice on what to study before school begins. thanks!!
  4. by   foreverLaur
    I'm in Columbus State's program, but I am in a similar boat. I have a bachelor's degree and I'm going back for career #2. CONGRATS and best of luck!!!
  5. by   NursinginOh
    Good luck to you also foreverLaur! You will do great! CSCC has a good program I hear.
  6. by   mll1202
    Nursinginoh- Did you have an interview at capital?! I just got in to GW's program but am from Ohio and think that Capital's program might be a better fit.
  7. by   NursinginOh
    Yes, I interviewed at Capital at the end of March. Capital is an awesome University and their program is top notch. It is 20 month program that is M-Th and Fridays are usually off. What does GW stand for?
    Good luck to you!
  8. by   mll1202
    George Washington University. It is a 15 month program. I'm am still waiting to hear from a few other programs! Congrats on Capital!
  9. by   amyers409
    I am also attending Capital University's accelerated BSN program this fall. I'm excited
  10. by   NursinginOh
    Hi Amyers! Finally, someone responded...yeah! I'm so glad you got into the program too and I'm super excited to meet you! I'm sure all of us are going to be pretty close over the next few years! Are you doing any prepping over the this break before we get started? Also, did you receive your packet of information yet? I've been waiting for mine...but its not here yet.
  11. by   amyers409
    I have not gotten my packet either!! I keep checking the mailbox for it like a little kid. I went to an information session and I think I remember them saying that they would want us to take a class online during the summer about writing. Not positive though since that was a few months ago. We are also supposed to get our BLS certification too. They said you could take it during orientation but I'm going to get it done ahead of time just to get it out of the way. Other than that I'm not sure what to do to prep before classes start. I'm sure we will all be close since its such a small group. I think that will help because we will be able to give each other tons of support. Are you applying for financial aid? I submitted my FAFSA once I heard from them in March but haven't heard from the aid office either.

  12. by   NursinginOh
    Hi Angie, We have to take an APA writing course online over the summer. I didnt know they are going to offer BLS during orientation? Is that included in our tuition? When is the orientation? I have received nothing and I hate being in the dark like this. I also applied for FAFSA...need the money...and havent heard anything yet. Seriously, all this waiting on details and financial means drives me crazy.

    I have gotten some books on to read over the summer. I got a few of the "________....made incredibly easy" books by Springhouse just to get myself oriented with terms. I never had to take medical terminology or pharmacology, so those are foreign to me, but I'm sure others (maybe even yourself) have taken them and are fluent in it. Lisa
  13. by   amyers409
    They didn't discuss the the cost of the BLS certification but I would assume its not included. I just got a job at the hospital so I think I will get a discount on their course or it may even be free so I'm just going to do it this summer. I think its only $50 at Mt. Carmel. Since starting at the hospital I started picking up a lot of terms that I haven't heard before so I think that should help. I def need the aid so I think next week I'm just going to see if I can make an appointment. I hate waiting around too!! I will let you know what the office tells me or if I finally get my packet in the mail
  14. by   NursinginOh
    Hi Angie, Here's my email address: We should probably talk outside of this blog if we want so that we leave this open for others that get into the program with us. It's u to you, I'd love to hear from you and can't wait to meet you and everyone else. Lisa