Breckinridge School of Nursing, Hilliard, OH

  1. Is there anyone attending breckinridge school of nursing in hilliard? Please give some feedback!
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  3. by   lnsjes
    I was considering it, until I found out they are under "conditional" status with the Ohio Board of Nursing. I know they could very well become fully accredited in a few years, but I am looking at places that are established and fully accredited. Breckenridge doesn't seem to be any more expensive or cheaper than other local schools. I would hate to see people attend there and finish and not be hired due to this accreditation status.
  4. by   FutureNurseCelena
    they said they are accredited. the reason they are conditional b/c this is a new program. I believe all rn programs are expensive. there is no cheap program! if you find a good school please keep me posted, I will appreciate it =)
  5. by   HeartNursing3
    There is a big push for BSN only for nursing. It is getting harder and harder for ADN nurses to find jobs. I am a recent CSCC graduate. I only found a job because I had inside connections and even then it was hard and I have to immediately start a RN-BSN program. A brand new school that no one really knows about will make it even more of a challenge. I know from connections at all 3 major health systems in central Ohio, they preference the BSN grads first, then CSCC, then COTC, then Chamberlain. You'd be after all of them and likely not getting a job in a hospital.
  6. by   FutureNurseCelena
    I was looking into mt. Carmel as well. I am going to their open house tomorrow. I already have an associates degree in gerontology so i would like to get a bachelors degree instead of another associates. What do you think about mt. Carmel?
  7. by   HeartNursing3
    Mt Carmel is a good program and their hospital system likes to hire their own graduates.
  8. by   FutureNurseCelena
    Ppl say its best to take prequisites at cscc but i just want to do it all in one school. I do not want to take ge classes at cscc then transfer to mt. Carmel. But so far i went on their website & i like what i read. I'm hoping after visiting the school tomorrow i have my final decision. I'm just ready to get in the nursing program already!!!
  9. by   HeartNursing3
    I understand that. I was there too. I wanted to start so I could finish. But I waited for the better school. I graduated almost a year later than I would have if I went to a school like Breckenridge, but I still got a job faster than people I know who went there. It'll be worth it in the end.
  10. by   FutureNurseCelena
    I went to mt. Carmel open house yesterday & i like the school & what they have to offer. I just want to know in your opinion if you had a choice to go to mt. Carmel, osu or ay other bsn school, which would you choose & why?
  11. by   HeartNursing3
    Hard to say. They're all good schools. I have always been a fan of Otterbein. I know several grads from their nursing program and all had wonderful things to say. I'm a Buckeye more than anything but their traditional BSN program is too big and too hard to get into I think. I think you will get a great education at OSU, Capital, Otterbein, or Mt Carmel. You need to go where you feel most comfortable.
  12. by   FutureNurseCelena
    thanks for your input. I think I'm leaning more towards Mt. Carmel. Their open house an eye opener for me. Your right about employers going for nurses with a bachelors degree first. I wanna make sure that I have a job when I finish school. If I go to ITT, I don't want no employer having doubts about hiring me b/c of where I got my degree from. By the way how are liking the whole nurse thing so far?
  13. by   HeartNursing3
    I start my new job on 2/25 So far, I have not done anything with my RN license! So... ask me in a month