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Best nursing school in Columbus?

  1. 0 I am 19 years old and currently in a medical assisting program and work full time. I want to make something more of my life than a medical assistant .I am very smart and learn fast, can anyone reccommend a good nursing school in Columbus (or close to Columbus)that is cost friendly, somewhat fast, and can get me a decent job so i dont have to work 60 hours a week. Please help and Thanks
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    Well, your least expensive options are going to be Columbus State (they offer LPN and ADN programs) and Ohio State (they are a BSN program). Columbus State is a LONG wait to get in for the Associates degree program. There are other great schools in Columbus like Mt. Carmel, Capital, and Otterbein but they are pricey...BUT...look into scholarships and things like that. You never know what you would qualify for. Good luck!!!!