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    I am an LPN and looking for an lpn to RN program and ran across ATS and their 11 month program. Anyone go for that program??

    Regrets, tips and advice please!

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    I got my LPN diploma through them and went to a different school to obtain my RN. ATS can never get no more of my money. The OBN had striped them of their full approval of their RN program at one point and time.
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    Yes ATS, its under the education tab on the OBN. Scroll down and you will see their name along with a few others. Its gives a list of reasons that their approval was taken fron full to provisional.
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    Yea I went on the obn website, I didn't see why they are under provisional status, but I don't think I would wanna risk giving them my time and money then not learning anything or taking a chance at them loosing approval period while I were enrolled in classes or something, ugh!! I just need to go to LCCC and complete the pre-reqs and so forth! I guess were all just looking for the fast and easy way to do things. thanks for your input!
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    Nurseely, if you were looking for no prereqs and a hefty tuition, Akron Institute is under full approval, yes its a drive, but it may be an alterntive. Honestly, I've heard bad things about ATS in the field. Oh, and Tri-c doesnt have a waitlist, but they have pre-reqs.......oh, that's why to LPN school I'll the fall.....I give you guys credit, youre way more patient than me.
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    Went to the OBN site to read about ATS. According to what's posted the issues have to do with administrative decision making and not the educational program itself.

    Recongnizing time is important factor, however a BSN route is the best way to go when it comes to nursing, in my opinion. For our profession to advance our minimal entry requirements should be at least a 4 year degree.
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    I am a student at ATS and they lost the full approval due to the old DON we had they have since replaced her and we have a wonerful new DON she is really turning that school around slowly but surely, they have gotten rid of many of the teachers or the teachers have left because they werent offered a position (based on semesters they dont work under contracts) we have had some bad teachers but your goning to have that anywhere you go, and the same with the program I dont mind independant study so im doing very well here the majority of what you learn is not in the class room they teach you the basics it is up to you to develop actual nursing skills and critical thinking, only thing i dont like it tuition hikes when your already enrolled, like im not paying enough already!
    and the provisional approval last 2 yrs they give the school an opportunity to turn the program around, which they are working on the state board was just there last week checking on the progress.
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    What is the cost of the RN program? They would not tell me over the phone. :smackingf
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    there are now pre-req with ats enforced by the state board, so it depends on what classes you need to take the program was max 32,200 when i started but i had done some classes at tri-c prior to enrolling. Halfway through the 2nd semester the raised tuition to 648 a credit hr total cost for just nursing classes was around 42k not including books, uniform, cpr cert. etc. and most people are not completing the program in 18 months because they have to take remedial math english and some other courses they now do a accu placer test just like tri-c does

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