Anyone accepted for Mercy of NW Ohio Fall 2012? - page 2

I just found out today that I have been accepted, contigent upon passing all my classes at my CC this semester. No problem, I am pulling A's and only one more final to go. I was originally just... Read More

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    ENJOY the time that you have off. I'm in my 3rd semester of the nursing program at Mercy and it is non-stop stress, breakdowns, frustration, and constant studying (mainly in the summer and fast track). You will have no life soon so enjoy that time that you have off and prepare yourself for a hectic and stressful life! banghead: It will be all worth it in the end though!

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    Oh trust me, I am trying to enjoy what I can this summer. I did have to take a math class over the summer so that I could start clinicals in the fall however. I decided to take one other as well to get 6 credit hours. Other than that I am only working 19 hours a week and enjoying the rest of my time! 12 1/2 of the hours I work I get to sleep on and off, so it doesn't really count in my mind

    jessehca, will I get a list of all the things I need at orientation? I am getting ready to order my uniforms now so I have time to return them if they do not fit properly, but I still have to get whatever else it is that we will be needing.
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    OnMyWay23 I see you said that your acceptance is based upon you passing your classes, so all of your prereq's have to be done before you enter the program?
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    RN-Indya, I did most of my prereqs at a community college. So, when I applied at Mercy, I was accepted to start in the second year of their BSN program, which is when you start clinicals. This is why it was provisional from my understanding....I had a math class I needed so I can take the classes in the fall.
    Generally, I believe the first years is doing some of the pre-reqs starting with like A&P. I would call and talk to someone directly to be sure though.

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