Accelerated BSN Walsh University in Ohio???

  1. 0 Does anyone know anything about Walsh University in Canton OH? Considering going for a visit?

    Comparing them to Capital Univ in Cols OH for an Accelerated BSN program.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    The program is 15 months in length and $425 per credit hour. The program starts in May of each year. Walsh is one of the top nursing programs in the state of Ohio and carries a very high reputation in the area. A huge benefit when comparing other programs is the fact that they don't have a wait list or certain number of students they accept. If you have other questions, I can connect you with a couple of past graduates from the Walsh accelerated program- just let me know.
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    I am considering accepting a spot at Walsh for this upcoming May. I would love to get more experience based advice about the program.......If you have any information I can send you my email.....Thanks
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    0 I can give you contact information on a couple of recent grads and a couple current students.

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